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DATI Tripartite Anniversary at The Merion Tribute House December 16th, 2023: Reserve Your Seats Now!

DATI Tripartite Anniversary Update
Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) is inviting family and friends to celebrate 46 years of
existence since it was established at the University of Liberia in 1977. DATI is launching a
fundraiser to generate funds to construct the first school of the performing and visual arts
in Liberia. DATI is a 501(c)(3) African-centered cultural and educational organization.
Any donations made is tax-deductible.
We encourage you to kindly donate to our national project. You will receive an official email
from DATI once you make payments via any of the payment methods listed on the flyer of the
DATI Tripartite Anniversary. See flyer below