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Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) Tripartite Anniversary Gala & Fundraiser

Date: Saturday, December 16, 2023, from 5 PM-1 AM
Venue: Philadelphia International Church, 100 Sharon Avenue, Sharon Hill, PA 19079
Admissions: 1. Grand Patrons ($1,000); 2. Patrons ($500); 3. Supporters ($250); Ordinary ($100)
Purpose of Fundraiser: To construct first school of performing and visual arts and center for
peace and cultural studies in Liberia.
Payment Methods: 1. Cashapp: $JosephGbaba (tel.) 267-9731709; 2. Via mail: write money
order or check to: Dehkontee artists Theatre, Inc., P. O. Box 143, Clifton Heights, PA 19018;
3.Via DATI Wells Fargo Checking Account#3931972677; Routing#055003201; 4. International

What to Expect at the DATI Tripartite Anniversary Gala and Fundraiser

The DATI Tripartite Anniversary is about three major milestones: 1. 49 years of dedication to
the preservation of Liberian history and culture through the performing and visual arts; 2.
Resilience in the pursuit of one’s lifelong dream to give back to society and keep the cultural
values of Liberia alive against the predominance of western cultural influence; and 3. family
values. These three components combine to form the DATI Tripartite Anniversary which will be
highlighted by a fundraiser to generate funds to construct the first school of the performing and
visual arts in Liberia.
49 Years of Resilience in the Pursuit of My Career and Determination to Unite All Liberian
People 2
People 2
The source of my resilience to pursue my career and determination to unite all Liberians
originates from a vision I had forty-nine years ago. In addition, I was also inspired by the vision
of President William V. S. Tubman, the sitting President of Liberia at the time, to unite all
Liberians through his National Unification and Integration Policy. So, nearly half a century ago I
started my journey as a playwright, theatre director, producer, and actor. Not that many people
stick with their dreams that long but over the years, the Lord blessed me with wonderful people


Photography by Mrs. Ariminta Gbaba

Saigay Sheriff: U.S.A.

Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc.’s 2018 auditions kicked off on a good foot last night at
the Francis J. Myers Recreation Center’s Reading Room located at 5801 Kingsessing Avenue in
Southwest Philadelphia. At 6 PM sharp, a charming, five-foot-six-inch tall African princess named Saigay Sheriff quietly walked in the auditions room. She was calm and polite and well-polished when she entered, and her smile lit up the entire space. Saigay greeted the Executive Director Dr. Joe Gbaba and his wife Arimita very warmly and the couple responded
affectionately and asked her to have a seat. She sat like a lady and kept a bright and confident
smile on her face that reflected a high-spirited youthful persona.

DATI Tripartite Anniversary at The Merion Tribute House December 16th, 2023: Reserve Your Seats Now!

DATI Tripartite Anniversary Update
Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) is inviting family and friends to celebrate 46 years of
existence since it was established at the University of Liberia in 1977. DATI is launching a
fundraiser to generate funds to construct the first school of the performing and visual arts
in Liberia. DATI is a 501(c)(3) African-centered cultural and educational organization.
Any donations made is tax-deductible.
We encourage you to kindly donate to our national project. You will receive an official email
from DATI once you make payments via any of the payment methods listed on the flyer of the
DATI Tripartite Anniversary. See flyer below