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Rabbi Gbaba’s “Golden Jubilee (50th Anniversary) Address to Liberians and the World: Preserving, Preaching, & Promoting the Culture of Liberia Globally; A 50-Year Journey”

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Your Excellency, George Manneh Weah, outgoing President of Liberia, and Your Excellency
Joseph Nyumah Boikai, President-elect of Liberia, and Vice-President-elect, Jeremiah Kpan
Koung, the President-Pro Tempore and Members of the Liberian Senate, the Speaker and
Honorable Members of the House of Representatives, Your Honor Madam Chief Justice,
Associate Justices, and members of the Judiciary, members of the cabinet, diplomatic corps and
international community, fellow citizens, ladies and gentlemen.

I wish all of you and the entire universe, a Happy and prosperous New Year, on behalf of my
wife, Princess Ariminta, our children, grandchildren, and myself. Also, I wish the outgoing
President of Liberia and his teammates God’s bountiful blessings as they exit the stage, and as
we begin a new political scene in the history and culture of Liberia. As a traditional Liberian and
cultural icon for the past half a century (50 years), I would like to pour libation to the spirits of
our ancestors, offer white kola nuts, pepper and salt, to warmly and traditionally welcome our
father and distinguished elder, His Excellency Joseph Nyumah Boikai, President-elect, and
incoming Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Liberia (AFL). Congratulations, sir!

The Theme of My Golden Jubilee

The theme of my Golden Jubilee Speech is LOVE, National Integration and Unification. This

is because I cannot think of anything else that would have made it possible for me to travel on a
rough and tough 50-year journey that took me over many slopes, hills, and valleys, except for the
love of Almighty God and all those that helped me carry the heavy burden of promoting the
culture of a nation and people practically out of pocket for fifty years. READ MORE