Oleg Firer: one of the most incredible entrepreneurs who moved from the USSR to the U.S.

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Oleg Firer made a formidable career on an international level. From this article, you will get to know some curious facts about him.

Oleg Firer‘s name rings a bell with many businessmen in Miami, all over the U.S. and the Caribbean island state of Grenada. This prominent personality is also known as Oleg Russia. However, he is not Russian by nationality: this Jewish gentleman was born in the Ukraine that was a part of the Soviet Union back then. In this article, we will focus on four meaningful aspects of Oleg’s career that make people admire him and differentiate him from many other gifted entrepreneurs.

Oleg Did Not Go to College

He successfully passed the admission exam — but decided to devote himself to business. Oleg started to earn his daily bread when he was just 11 years old. He had a chance to feel the difference between academic background and precious hands-on experience. He realized that for his mindset and character, the latter was much more important than the former. Time has proved that he made the right choice.

The lack of formal higher education did not prevent Oleg from reaching formidable career heights. He has tried his hand at online payments, blockchain, telemedicine, gambling, real estate and some other sectors. Now, he is investigating the perspectives of the electric car industry. His immense vital energy, curiosity, flexibility and analytical skills substitute a university diploma very well.

Oleg can serve as a role model for many budding entrepreneurs who cannot afford to attend a top college but do not feel inferior because of it. On the one hand, in the Ivy League, one can make plenty of useful contacts and get precious knowledge and skills. On the other hand, this is not the only path that can lead a talented person to success in life.

His Reputation Has Remained Untarnished

If you google the name of Oleg Miami, you would see that his name is connected with some scams. His guilt was not proven and that scandal did not tell on the further development of his career. Yet some Firer men (that is, people whom he had business with) were sentenced to a long term in prison. This could have been a big blow on Oleg’s reputation. Some entrepreneurs lose their business partners, governmental support and the trust of the surrounding people after such accidents. But this one managed to overcome the crisis and keep on working, regardless of all the stress.

Professionals who surrounded him when the scandal broke out realized one thing very well. Oleg has been involved in so many businesses and projects that, by statistical probability, one of them was bound to be declared a scam sooner or later. When proving his innocence, Mr.Firer acted calmly and reasonably. The situation that could have cast shadows on him gave him a chance to showcase his talents once again and win over the judges.

He Switched from Business to Politics Quickly and Smoothly

In 2015, Oleg started to promote telemedicine in Grenada, relying on the support of the local government. He became a Board Member of the StarTeleMed company. His other spheres of interest in this island state were blockchain, cryptocurrency and high-end property development. Oleg attracted large investments to Grenada and impressed the local authorities with his managerial talents.

This Soviet emigrant was granted Grenadian citizenship. In 2017, he was appointed the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Grenada in the Russian Federation. In 4 years, he began to represent the interests of this state in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Monaco and Serbia, while living in the Ambassador’s residence in Moscow.

For an outside spectator, this change of activities might have seemed unexpected. But in fact, it was a highly logical transition for a person who does not want to rest on his laurels and is always striving to develop.

Mr.Firer Is Just 43 Years Old in 2021

He was born in 1977. Twelve years later, he migrated to the U.S. together with his parents. Oleg is still young and full of energy. Obviously, life has many more exciting projects, ventures and achievements in store for him. So far, it is impossible to predict his future spheres of activities. But we can be sure that Oleg Firer will never stop making money and changing the world for the better.