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Lack of communication skills in English is one of the major reasons cited by corporate India on the “unemployability” of Indian graduates (Aspiring Minds Study).

Research by NSDC has also indicated skill gaps in English language skills of Indians. Even graduates of some of the top Indian colleges sometimes struggle with communicating in English.

While such studies highlight the problem, they often only talk about the skill gap at the most fundamental levels.

For example, even if one is able to write emails in English in a grammatically correct manner, it does not necessarily imply being effective in English communication. Being an effective communicator học anh văn miễn phí in English, học tiếng anh giao tiếp has several aspects. For example:

  1. Can you write and speak grammatically correct English?
  2. Can you express yourself fluently and confidently?
  3. Can you pronounce words in a way that is clearly understood?
  4. Can you grasp the meaning of other peoples' spoken English?

These are just a few examples of what it takes to have a good command over basic English communication. If you live in a country where English is widely spoken, or if your daily life interactions take place in English, it makes sense to invest in learning English so that you can improve your interpersonal communication. Some of our students come to us with exactly this reason for wanting to study English – they would like to improve the interpersonal communication skills in informal settings.

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If one were to talk about English communication in a business context, one could add on several further layers of skills that are essential to being an effective communicator, luyen thi toeic cap toc for example:

  1. Can you collaborate effectively in a team environment?
  2. Can you present your ideas clearly?
  3. Can you engage people in meaningful conversation?
  4. Can you negotiate effectively with your vendors?
  5. Do you use appropriate body language and gestures?

With business communication (aka business English), the stakes are higher than in interpersonal communication. With informal, interpersonal communication, there is a higher degree of tolerance for errors or miscommunication. Communication skills at work, however, học anh văn miễn phí are often a key factor to determine who gets promoted and who doesn't.

If you are the person on your team with the greatest ideas but just cannot bring yourself to speak out in large meetings, you stand to lose out professionally to others who are more vocal with their ideas. Similarly, even if you can speak out in meetings but have trouble being understood because of your accent, you may lose others' interest very quickly.

Even if you have a clear accent and are confident in your speech, but your body language or tone is poor, you may not be achieving maximum impact with your words. In other words, effective business communication requires several verbal and non-verbal communication skills to be applied in a variety of settings – meetings, personal discussions, conferences, presentations, negotiations and so on.

Luckily, as with most skills, English language and business communication skills are easily acquired through practice and hard work (yes, we noticed we said easily and hard work in the same sentence!

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