“Rabbi Gbaba Urges Patriotic Liberians to Get Actively Involved in Nation and Peace Building!”

The Executive Director of Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI), Dr. Joe Gbaba, has called on all patriotic Liberians at home and abroad to join forces with government and get actively involved in nation and peacebuilding. Dr. Gbaba made the appeal during his virtual talk show “Dehkontee Artists Theatre Kukatonon Peace Project” on Facebook, Wednesday, May 20, 2020. His podcast airs live every Wednesday from 3-4 p.m. U.S. Eastern Standard Time and at 7 p.m. Liberian time. The program focuses on African/Liberian history, culture, peace education and the dire need to teach Liberian genocide victims and survivors mediation skills. Dehkontee Artists Theatre also strives to connect diaspora Liberians and Africans with their brothers and sisters on the continent of Africa and across the globe through its cultural awareness and theatrical productions over the span of forty-six years.  agen judi online


German Ambassador His Excellency Hubert Jager and Honorable Herbie McCauley Admitted as DATI Honorary Peace Advocates!

Two distinct personalities were simultaneously admitted into the Honorable Body of Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) on Monday, March 2nd, 2020, as Dehkontee Artists Theatre Honorary Peace Advocates. The solemn traditional Liberian cultural ceremony took place at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Gemany in Congotown, Montserrado County, Liberia. The honorees were His Excellency Hubert Jager, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany accredited near Monrovia and DATI’s newly appointed Chief Sponsor, Honorable Herbie Teconbla McCulley. The historic visit to Germany on Liberian soil was made possible under the auspices of Honorable McCauley, a Liberian businessman and humanitarian. During the acquaintanceship visit, Honorable McCaulley formally introduced Liberia’s cultural icon and scholar artist Prince Joseph Tomoonh-Garlodeyh Gbaba via Facetime to the German Ambassador, as the chief custodian of Liberian culture spanning over forty-six years. Mr. McCauley lauded Dr. Gbaba for the great contributions he has made to Liberia in the realms of education and culture and for motivating Liberian college youths to launch the DATI Kukatonon Peace Project in Liberia. He said, READ MORE

McCauley’s Appointment

Honorable Herbie McCauley
Chief Sponsor,
Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI-Liberia)
Monrovia, Liberia
Dear Honorable Herbie Teconbla McCauley:
In consultation with the Chairs of Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) Boards of Directors in the United States and Liberia, respectively, it is my distinguished pleasure to appoint you Chief Sponsor of DATI-Liberia in recognition of your patriotic zeal and humanitarian gesture to partner with DATI in promoting peace, reconciliation, and reconstruction in post-conflict Liberian society. Your appointment as Chief Sponsor makes you third in succession of two previous distinguished Liberian scholars who served this noble organization in that same capacity, namely: Dr. MacKinley A. Deshield, Jr., former Dean of the College of Agriculture and Forestry, and Professor Timothy E. Thomas, former Dean of the College of Business at the University of Liberia.
Further, your appointment comes at a very crucial time in the history of Liberia. Our society has been torn apart by tribal bigotry, rebelliousness, lack of self-knowledge, high illiteracy rate, high level of corruption and lack of law and order at all levels of the Liberian society. Hence, due to the divisiveness among our people, it is incumbent upon every patriotic citizen of Liberia to defend, protect and promote our sovereign rights and privileges. Hence, it is against this background that we warmly welcome you in our midst as DATI’s Chief Sponsor. Accordingly, we are confident you will deliver and that you will do all within your purview to ensure DATI succeeds in its peacebuilding efforts in Liberia…READ MORE

DATI Kukatonon Peace Project Formal & Initial Launch, Saturday November 16th @ Providence Baptist Shrine: Charles Boimah Blake, Sr. Guest Speaker!

Saturday November 16th will be a significant milestone in Liberian history! It will mark Phase One of the formal launch of the DATI Kukatonon Peace Project in Liberia. The historic event will take place at an historic site, the Old Providence Baptist Church Shrine on Broad Street in Monrovia. The Providence Baptist Church Shrine is where the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Liberia was signed one hundred and seventy-two years ago. READ MORE

Education and entertainment through cultural awareness!

Connecting Liberian Youths to Their Cultural Heritage in Preparation for the DATI Kukatonon Peace Project Launch in Liberia

Today, November 10, 2019 is a significant day in the history of Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI). The DATI Montserrado Chapter youths paid a courtesy call on elders residing in Barnesville Kebbah to consult with and request the blessings of the elders in their county. This tradition is deeply rooted in our cultural belief that one must always consult the elders as a sign of respect, before he undertakes any important task or project.
In this way, not only does one get the consent of the living, but one may also get the approval of the spirits of his ancestors. The DATI Montserrado Chapter youths did just that so that their formal launch of the DATI Kukatonon Peace Project in Liberia will be successful on Saturday, November 16th . READ MORE

DATI Kukatonon Peace Project in Liberia Gains Momentum: Patriotic Liberians Support Peace Process

The Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI) has launched a fund drive to raise One Hundred Thousand Dollars ($100,000) to purchase two used twenty-four-seater buses and provide logistical supports (per diems, lodging, food) for fifty Liberian youth Peace Advocates to go on a peace performance tour in Liberia. Funds generated will also be used to train more Liberian youths to actively engage in peacebuilding in Liberia. You may donate to the DATI Kukatonon Peace Project Fund in the following ways:

1. Log on DATI’s website: https://www.dehkonteeartiststheatreinc.com and click on the “Donate” button to make your tax-deductible donation because DATI is a 501 ©(3) nonprofit African-centered educational and cultural organization.

2. You can also donate through DATI’s Wellsfargo Checking Account # 3931972677; Routing Number: 055003201; Wire Transfer # 121000148.

3. You may mail out your donation and make check or money order payable to: Dehkontee Artists Theatre, Inc. (DATI), P. O. Box 143, Clifton Heights, PA 19018. READ MORE

To educate and entertain the public on African arts and culture through Afrocentric and ideological literacy, and via visual, audio, and performing arts

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The word “Dehkontee” is a Kwa expression that means, “There is time for everything” in several Kwa languages of Liberia and La Cote D’Ivoire, such as: Krahn, Kru, Grebo, Bassa, Gbi, Deiweion, and Sapo. DATI was founded in 1977 at the University of Liberia during the college days of its founder and Executive Director, Dr. Joseph Tomoonh-Garlodeyh Gbaba, Sr. Other founding members of DATI include but are not limited to: Joshua Howard (first President of DATI), Mona Bedell (Treasurer), Kathy Lokko (Secretary), Henrique Zobon Scott, Stephen J. Crayton, Jr., Nathaniel Sieh Doe, Alicia Murray, Josephine Ross, William N. Ross, III, Guyde Melvin Smith, Claude E. Langley (Business Manager), Raymond Kromah, Sondia Tubman, Christian Fenning (aka Fumbah), D. Eugene Wilson, Francis Wilson, Mohammed S. Sheriff, Herbert Elliott, Blidi Elliott, Nyemah Elliott, Calvin Harris, Joseph Butler, Comfort Innis, Sweetie Martin, Josephine Gibson, Jestina Gibson, Isaac Collins, Jr., Timotheus Weeks and many others.

Dehkontee Artists Theatre Celebrated Its 41st Anniversary

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